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How We Are Eco Friendly

The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour is doing our part at becoming an eco friendly and green company! How are we doing this you might ask? Below are bullet points which demonstrate our green business practices. 

* Our tours are all walking tours, and thus we are not using vehicles, which is better for the environment! By participating in walking tours you are cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions not to mention that walking is great exercise and is good for you too! 

* Our tours are run out of a single room in the owners house. This means there is no commuting too and from an office, again cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. This also saves on energy, water, and gas. 

* Our office uses LED lights when the lights are on. Most of the time the sunshine provides our office with enough light to get our work done. 

* We don't use AC!! That's right! We do our best to not use air conditioning due to the energy it uses. Bisbee does have the best temperatures and AC is usually not needed even in the summer due to our monsoon season! 

* Our office is cleaned with green cleaning products

* We do not use paper for our reservations or for our release forms anymore. Therefore cutting down on paper waste. 

* Paper we do use is 100% recycled paper

* Most of our advertising is done online, therefore reducing paper. 

* Our fliers and rack cards are made from post consumer paper and are 100% recycable.

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