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Bisbee Bats


In Southern Arizona, when the weather starts to get warmer and the days get longer the bats will emerge.

What is better than thousands of bats waking from their slumber and entering the dusk sky while you partake in one of our tours?

We have 28 species of bats in Southern Arizona! 26 species will dine nightly on bugs such as mosquitos to keep our bug population in check. 

The other 2 species are pollinators! They are essential for the growth of our Saguaro cactus and other native plants. 

See bats are really good to have around!

Contrary to popular belief these creatures of the night are not scary and do not pose a threat to humans. In fact some believe it is good luck to see a bat flying in the night sky,

The bats are the reason we do not change our tour times during the summer months. Though the sun sets later in the day, we want our guests to experience the wonder of our Bisbee Bats!

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