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Gallery of Ghosts

The photos in our Gallery of Ghosts were taken by guests on our tours and hunts!
If you have a ghost photo you took in Bisbee, do not hesitate to e-mail it to us at  We might add your photo to our gallery!

Ghost Adventurers

The Ghost Adventurers came to town and interviewed Ghost Host Renee!


Ghost of an older man taken of the old mortuary.

City Park Woman Ghost

A ghost of a woman was photographed standing between Ghost Host Renee and Jimmy the Caboose!

Ghost Cat?

Did one of our guests take a photo of the Ghost Cat at the Bisbee Inn?

City Park Child Ghost

Taken by a guest on the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour at City Park. There were no children on the tour that evening...

Ghost Adventurers

Zak from Ghost Adventurers and Renee talking about Bisbee.

Bisbee Inn Ghost

This photo depicts a woman standing in the door on the left. She has no feet and did not match the description of anyone on the tour that evening. No one remembers seeing her in the doorway.

Little Boy Ghost at City Park

Taken on the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour, this photo depicts what looks like a child hiding behind a trashcan in City Park.

More Fun with Ghost Adventurers

More fun with the boys from Ghost Adventurers

Little Boy Ghost

This photo was taken of a window on Main St. Looks likes a little boy peering down at us.

Appirition on Bisbee Steps

Photo taken of Bisbee Steps leading to the Oliver House

Mitchell Mortuary Ghost

A sequence of photos taken of the little girl ghost in the old Mitchell Family Mortuary.


Photo taken of a ghost at City Park

All photos © Old Bisbee Ghost Tour LLC. Please do not use without permission!

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