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Bill King, a lifelong ghosthunter and researcher of paranormal activity, has taken a sabbatical from his other investigations to devote his exclusive attention to the supernatural phenomena which permeates the fabric of Bisbee’s ongoing history as a raucous mining town, a place in which many of its inhabitants suffered tragic deaths and, as a result thereof, have been unable to transition into the “afterlife”.


On any day, one can find Bill walking the streets of Bisbee, visiting the sites of known spiritual activity and interviewing the many present residents of Bisbee who have had and continue to have encounters with souls in transition. As a result of the many stories related by local entertainers, retired mine workers, hotel clerks and housekeepers, building inspectors and homeowners, there can be no doubt that these spirits are an ever-present daily influence in the life of this old town and the lives of its inhabitants.


Bill is committed to providing a ghost tour experience which provides tour participants with a historical context for Bisbee’s evolution as a boom mining town, the tragic lives and deaths suffered by many of its inhabitants and the unexplained phenomena that continues to exist to this date. 

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