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You will get to investigate one of the most mysterious and historic buildings in Bisbee, not to mention one of the most haunted! Help us solve the mystery of coins falling from the ceiling, footsteps on the staircase, broken clocks chiming and various cold spots throughout the building.

We will tell you the haunted tales of the building and then train you on how to use our ghost hunting equipment  including EMF Detectors, KII Meters, Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders and more!

With an experienced investigator you will use our equipment  to
investigate the haunted building!

All evidence we collect will be uploaded to a server for all participants to download, review, and analyze for any paranormal activity. 


Each guest will also receive a free ticket for the
Old Bisbee Ghost Tour for your next visit to town!

The hunt on February 23rd at 6pm will be appropriate for the entire family including children. Children 13 or under will not be permitted on the hunts scheduled for 9pm.


$50 per person


Friday February 22nd 9pm - 11:30pm

Saturday February 23rd 5:45pm - 8:15pm & 9pm - 11:30pm

Make your reservation by clicking the Book Now button below or call our office at 520-432-3308

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