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One of our trained Ghost Hosts will teach you how to participate in a real ghost hunt at the Bisbee Inn.

Stay the night at the Bisbee Inn and help us search for the ghosts which are said to haunt this historic hotel!

On the Bisbee Inn Ghost Hunt we will train the guests on how to use our ghost hunting equipment, including EMF Detectors, K2 Meters, Digital Voice Recorders plus much more!

After our Ghost Host leaves for the night, you will fend for yourselves with our ghost hunting equipment in hand. 

The following evening, enjoy the leisurely Old Bisbee Ghost Tour!

This Ghost Hunt is for guests of the Bisbee Inn on the designated nights listed below.  Call the Bisbee Inn at 520-432-5131 to make your hotel reservation. Be sure to tell them you are participating in the Bisbee Inn Ghost Hunt to receive 10%  off the regular rate. 




The Bisbee Inn Ghost Hunt takes place on the following nights:


Friday, November 15
Friday, December 27



Bisbee Inn Ghost Hunt Price Includes: Ghost Hunt training session, use of equipment for the duration of your stay at the Bisbee Inn AND tickets to the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour on the following evening.


The Ghost Hunt begins at 7:00pm and the Ghost Host leaves at approximately 9pm

Participants are welcome to use our Ghost Hunting equipment for the duration of their stay at the Bisbee Inn.

Over the Phone Price

$35 per person




Online Price

$30 per person

Space is extremely limited so reservations are required! 








Call the Bisbee Inn at 520-432-5131

to make your reservation!

Please Read the Fine Print Below!

The Ghost Hunt of Old Bisbee is not appropriate if you are intoxicated. Please stay at the bar if you have been drinking and are intoxicated at tour time. If you are too intoxicated to drive, you are too intoxicated to safely walk the streets, hills and stairs of Bisbee. If you insist on taking the tour and are disruptive to the other guests our Ghost Host will ask you and your party to leave. You will not receive a refund. If you refuse to leave other measures will be taken. So if you are intoxicated at tour time, do everyone including yourself a favor and enjoy the spirits at the local bars.

By making a reservation with the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour for the Bisbee Inn Ghost Hunt I understand that I and my guests are taking the Bisbee Inn Ghost Hunt. I understand that this is a ghost hunt consisting steps and loose pavement. If I incur any injuries during the tour/hunt, I will not find the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour LLC, Bisbee Inn/Hotel LaMore liable for any damage. This includes but is not limited to nightmares, fainting, or death due to fright. I also understand that we will be going inside hotel establishments in Bisbee as well as public property, and I promise not to take, disturb, or break any merchandise. I will be held 100% responsible both financially and criminally if caught doing so. I also understand that if I am intoxicated or disruptive to the other guests, the Ghost Host will ask my party to leave in a quiet and polite manner. If for any reason during the tour I can not continue, I understand that there will be no refunds. I also understand that even though this is a ghost hunt, there is no guarantee that I will see, hear, or experience any ghost interaction or phenomena.

After reservations are made online you will receive a confirmation e mail with our meeting location.


If you are bringing children they must behave and be under parental or adult (18 or older) supervision for the duration of the hunt. If they are disruptive to the hunt and its guests we will kindly ask for you to take your child outside.

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the tour start time. If you fail to do so you will be charged the full amount of the tickets purchased.


Cancellations MUST BE MADE by calling 520-432-3308. Cancellations will NOT be accepted via text message or e mail.




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