Originally from Bisbee, Jay grew up in the Midwest and graduated from college and graduate school in Minneapolis. While his family has lived in Bisbee since 1916, Jay moved back to his hometown in 2018 to restore a (haunted) home that’s been in his family since 1920. His interest in the paranormal began at a fairly young age when he began checking out books from his local library about ghosts, hauntings, unsolved mysteries and even UFOs. He was cast in several high school and community theater plays growing up and still enjoys storytelling and live performance. He has spent countless hours exploring the Bisbee area and volunteering with local organizations like the Bisbee Mining Museum. When he is not leading a ghost tour, Jay enjoys reading, running, travel, camping, and touring museums. He also enjoys gardening and cooking together with his wife and raising their dog Bruce in Old Bisbee

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