Old Bisbee Ghost Hunt



Old Bisbee Ghost Hunt



Old Bisbee Ghost Hunt

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The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour needs YOUR help!

Join us on our monthly Ghost Hunt of Old Bisbee where we will be taking our guests into The Bisbee Inn / Hotel LaMore and (weather permitting) other haunted locations around town to try to figure out who is haunting these buildings and why!

We will train you on how to use our equipment, including EMF Detectors, K2 Meters, IR Cameras, Digital Voice Recorders plus much more!

After the investigation we will download the data, mail our guests a copy on DVD and let them analyze it for any paranormal activity!


Price Includes: Ghost Hunt training session, use of our equipment, investigations of haunted locations around town and DVD of potential evidence.


On March 15th, 2013 we caught footsteps in one of our locations! The top floor of the building burnt down and there were lots of reports of people hearing footsteps coming from the upstairs...which no longer exists!



The tour begins at 6:30pm and lasts approximately 3.5 hours.

$40 per person

Space is extremely limited so reservations are required!

For more information call our office at 520-432-3308.


We highly recommend staying at the Bisbee Inn / Hotel LaMore if you will be participating in the Ghost Hunt of Old Bisbee! Call them at 520-432-5131 to make your hotel room reservation! Make sure to tell them you are participating in our monthly Ghost Hunt!