Copper Queen Ghost Hunt


Copper Queen Hotel’s
Ghost Hunt
The 1st & 3rd Thursday Night of Every Month

Enjoy the excitement of hunting for the ghosts of the Copper Queen Hotel. See if you can find Billy or how about a dance with Julia Lowell (don’t you just love the smell of her perfume?) By the way keep an eye out for the gentleman with the top hat!

Take a room on Thursday night with a guided Ghost Hunt lead by our trained Ghost Host from the Old Bisbee Ghost Tours. They will teach you the proper use of tools for investigating the paranormal. You will then travel the hotel in search of paranormal activity. Join us in a late night coffee hour of haunting tales from the hotel. Then travel the hotel with the ghost hunting equiptment on your own.

Thursday night package

Single Occupancy $225.11 all inclusive
Double Occupancy $262.56 all inclusive
Each additional person = $37.45

Must have a room at the Copper Queen Hotel to partake in the Hunt.
Hunts start at 8pm in the highest tower of the Copper Queen Hotel

Space is limited so call us
today to make your reservations

The following list will be helpful but not necessary
to make your trip even more enjoyable.

What to bring to your Ghost Hunt

• Notebook and pencil (mechanical)
• Compass
• Watch
• Sketch pad to draw maps and diagrams
• Bait (coins, ball, toys, any thing small and shiny
• Hair ties (to pull back hair when taking photographs)
• Extra Batteries!!!
• Camera (digital or 35 mm) and extra film/memory cards
• Digital or analog audio recorder with external microphone(try to get one that hooks up to your computer via a USB port)
• EMF Detector if you have one if not you will receive one to use
• Video Camera (digital or video)
• Extra tape for video camera
• Tripod for Cameras and Video Cameras
• IR thermometer if you have one
• Infrared Camera
• Dowsing Rods if you have them if not you can use ours
• Pendulum if you have
• Case to store all your equipment in


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